Wayne Rooney, the former England captain and renowned football player, has accumulated a considerable net worth and earned substantial income throughout his career. His estimated net worth ranges between £100 million ($136 million) to £120 million ($163 million), primarily based on his earnings from football contracts, sponsorship deals, and business ventures.

Rooney’s career trajectory includes notable moves, such as his return to Everton after his time at Manchester United, followed by a lucrative spell with D.C. United in Major League Soccer (MLS). During his time at Manchester United, Rooney earned a basic wage of £250,000 per week, which increased to £300,000 when factoring in the value of his commercial rights. His contract with Manchester United had the potential to earn him over £30 million in total. However, he chose to take a pay cut and rejoined Everton to pursue regular playing time.

At Everton, Rooney earned approximately £150,000 per week, still a substantial amount for the club. His significant contract led Manchester United to allow him to leave on a free transfer instead of demanding a transfer fee. Rooney was widely regarded as the highest-paid player in the Premier League until Paul Pogba signed a contract reportedly worth £290,000 per week in base salary.

In MLS, Rooney earned $3.5 million (£2.6 million) per year as a Designated Player at D.C. United, translating to a weekly earning of around $70,000. Reports suggest that Derby County, where Rooney joined as an interim player-manager and later assumed the managerial role permanently, matched his wages.

Apart from his football earnings, Rooney has been involved in lucrative sponsorship deals. He had a boot sponsorship deal with Nike, reportedly worth £1 million per year. He also had endorsement deals with Harper Collins, EA Sports, and Coca-Cola, estimated to be worth over £2.5 million in total. However, Coca-Cola ended its association with Rooney following allegations of infidelity.

Rooney has a significant presence on social media, with a combined following of 62 million across various platforms. He has nearly 15 million followers on Instagram, over 31 million likes on Facebook, and over 17 million followers on Twitter.

In terms of business ventures, Rooney has made personal property investments and expenditures on items like cars and racehorses. He was also part of a partnership that invested in small businesses, alongside cricketer Kevin Pietersen and businessman-turned-TV-personality Theo Paphitis. Additionally, Rooney has ventured into the world of NFTs (non-fungible tokens), collaborating with DOSBRAK and ‘Block Asset.’

Rooney is actively involved in charitable contributions and philanthropy. He supports multiple charities, particularly those in the north-west of England, alongside his wife, Coleen. The proceeds from his testimonial match against Everton in 2016, totaling £1.2 million, were donated to organizations such as the NSPCC, Claire House Children’s Hospice, Alder Hey Children’s Charity, and the Manchester United Foundation. He established the Wayne Rooney Foundation, aiming to raise £5 million for various causes in 2017. Rooney also returned to the England team for a one-off appearance in 2018 to raise money for his foundation.

In summary, Wayne Rooney’s net worth and earnings have been substantial due to his successful football career, endorsement deals, and business investments. With a significant fan following and active involvement in philanthropy, Rooney has made a lasting impact both on and off the football pitch.